Guigues Kimberlite Pipe

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The Company owns a 100% interest in certain mineral claims in the Notre Dame du Nord area of Quebec. In 2003, the Company paid $133,920, completed $171,200 of exploration expenditures and issued 280,000 common shares with a value of $70,000 to earn its interest in certain of these claims. The vendors retain a 2.0% NSR. The Company may purchase 1% of the NSR for $1,000,000 at any time prior to commercial production of any mineral discovered on the claims and also retains the First Right of Refusal to buy-back the remaining 1.0% NSR. In addition, the Company agreed to deliver 100,000 common shares one day prior to the commencement of commercial production subject to regulatory approval.

Tres-Or’s Guigues Kimberlite is accessible by paved highways, and located near all required infrastructure and the town of Notre Dame du Nord.

The Notre Dame du Nord properties host three (3) kimberlite pipes and three (3) kimberlite bodies discovered by drilling. Certain of the property claims are also prospective for precious and base metals with several known mineralized showings recommended for further geological investigation.

Six vertical reverse circulation (RC) holes were completed to bedrock beneath thick pro-glacial clays, glacial-fluvial sands and gravels, and till on the wholly-owned Guigues kimberlite pipe. Microprobe analyses from kimberlite indicator minerals (KIMs) recovered from the RC drill holes returned eclogite garnets comparable to most such garnet inclusions in diamond. These eclogite garnets with diamond inclusion compositions were recovered from each sample, but with noticeably greater abundance in the central and southern part of the pipe.

Most other minerals exhibit little variation between samples, although the chromites are more encouraging from the central part of the pipe. The most Cr-rich at 64.72% Cr2O3 comes from the central part of the pipe and it is also Mg-rich, similar to chromite included in diamond. Three other chromites with greater than 61.0% Cr2O3 and somewhat lower MgO are comparable to chromite intergrown with diamond.

Given the recovery of encouraging eclogite garnets with diamond inclusion compositions, and the potential of high quality diamonds as suggested by production from the Victor Mine within the same Superior Craton, recommendations conclude the Guigues kimberlite merits direct testing for microdiamonds. The primary goal for the recommended drill program is to recover NQ drill core from the most prospective parts of the pipe suitable for caustic fusion tests at a modern independent Canadian laboratory.

Tres-Or completed high-resolution helicopter-borne magnetics and a 3D inversion model in 2015 to better define the pipe. Tres-Or also completed 6 shallow RC drill holes to the top of the kimberlite to collect indicator minerals and further define the pipe.